Additional Services

In addition to assisting you in everything related to Mergers & Acquisitions, we also offer many other services and programs relevant to leading and running your dental company within the areas of sales, marketing, and business development/strategy.

Here are a few examples of what else we can do for you:



HELP FIND INVESTORS/FUNDING:  CTD has connections with individuals, companies, and organizations who have the financial resources and interest in investing in companies that offer innovative products or services within the dental industry. Contact us for more details on what we can do for you.

SALES TRAINING:  Dr. Stefanou is also the founder of the Dental Sales Academy and the “How to Sell to Dentists” workshop/training program (  There are several ways for your company (sales reps, product managers, marketing team, leadership/management/executives) to tap into this interactive training system, considered to be the industry’s most unique and effective program.  The focus is on the psychology of why dentists buy, what’s appealing (and not) to them, customizing your presentation and questioning appropriately, and how to lead with effective messaging that gets dentists and offices interested in speaking with you.

  • Live 1.5 day small group workshops in NYC (offered every 6-8 weeks)
  • Introductory “eBook”
  • Soon to be released video series!

MARKET RESEARCH/SURVEYS:  We can create customized surveys for you so you can better understand what dentists already know, don’t know, think of, or want–in regards to your company or product line! We can offer something here that can be VERY VALUABLE to you! We have an already established, committed group of almost 500 of my colleagues – dentists from all over North America that have already agreed to answer SHORT surveys on a regular basis.  Many companies hire “outside” marketing firms to do this, and what they get is a very low response rate in return for their efforts (and cost you tens of thousands of dollars)! This is simply because those companies are not “on the inside”…dentists don’t know them, don’t trust them, and/or the surveys are too long (and being entered in a raffle for a gift card ain’t gonna cut it!) I am one of them…a dentist whom they know is in marketing and sales, AND so I receive close to a 70% response rate.  I can help you write the survey questions, and get the valuable info back to you within 3 weeks!  So….if you want to get some real information, I’m your guy! I work with you on creating a 4-5 question survey, get it out to the group, and then compile the results, and send to you with a REPORT, EVALUATION, and SUMMARY of the findings all within 3-4 weeks!

CONFERENCE SPEAKER:  If you are looking for a speaker for your upcoming Regional or National Sales Conference (or for your new hires at their initial orientation) – I have found that many companies have been “burned” in the past here…looking to bring in an outside speaker to give their teams some  additional training….spending significant money in doing so….and then getting someone who either offers too basic of a  program, too abstract of a program, or simply doesn’t understand the dental industry well enough.  That will NOT happen with me! You will get a fun, interactive, and extremely informative and valuable customized version of my proven “How to Sell to Dentists” program. I have the references and testimonials to back that up too! I can work with groups from as little as 6 in size up to 100 or more!

SALES STRATEGY:  Let us help you determine your complete sales strategy. I am available to spend anywhere from 1-5 days with you (at your headquarters or other location) to assist you in putting it “all together” and ultimately can save you hundreds of thousands (or more) dollars! Common topics addressed:

  • Whether to go direct or through distribution?
  •  What “type” of sales team to construct?  Full-time employees?  Independent reps?  Territories?
  • Compensation plan decisions:  commission structures, bonuses, incentive programs

EVALUATE MARKETING MATERIALS:  We can help you rate (evaluate) your ads or marketing materials! Let’s face it…it is EXPENSIVE advertising to dental professionals.  Even if you’ve already “figured out” where you want to market, understanding what MIGHT BE EFFECTIVE is another thing!  We’ve seen MANY companies decide to invest in a full page ad in 10 dental publications…the same ad…and run it for 12 months.  Add up the numbers and you may be spending $500,000 to $1,000,000 on this one ad!  And, while it may look creative and informative, and “should be” effective, it is striking out in terms of response.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a MORE POWERFUL MESSAGE ahead of time so that it truly produces for you?  We might be able to save you a significant amount of money (hundreds of thousands of dollars long-term) and help you “get it right” up front! We can work with your marketing team to revise or tweak your current or future pieces, based on what truly works!  And, we have some “shocking” info for you – stats and survey results — about dentists’ behavior when it comes to ads—that you absolutely need to know!

EMPLOYEE RECRUITMENT:  We can help you fill your open positions! Need a territory rep in Boston or Houston?  Looking to find a Marketing Director? Director of Professional Relations?  VP of Sales?  Clinical Educator?  Come to us first before wasting a ton of time weeding out applications and resumes, or working with a “health care recruiter” who only DABBLES in dental (and is primarily focused on medical / pharma). I have an incredible POOL OF CANDIDATES whom I personally know well (and, in fact, have already gone through my “How to Sell to Dentists” program) who are ready to go and become a long-term, valuable asset to your company! Many of these candidates aren’t even known by other recruiters and aren’t splashing their resumes around all over the internet.  Some are already very successful in important roles in other dental companies and have asked me to “keep an eye out for them” or are in between dental jobs due to downsizing, and are excellent finds!  Let’s see how I can help you.  It’s all on a contingency basis and a simple agreement is all that is needed!  Tell me your current needs and let’s see what I can do for you!

STRATEGIC ALLIANCES:  With contacts at hundreds of dental companies, we can help identify and then introduce you to other companies who could be smart partnerships and alliances for you.  We can also be your key representatives in negotiating the actual specifics of the arrangements with those companies.

SOCIAL MEDIA:  Need a social media strategy? We have a partnership with Rita Zamora, considered by many to be the “guru” of consultants for the dental industry when it comes to a solid, effective, and integrated social media strategy and game plan. And, she is affordable and easy to work with! Rita is the person you want to be speaking to! Contact me for an introduction!

PUBLIC RELATIONS:  Need some “traditional” marketing assistance?  PR?  Exposure within key publications? We can help!