Engle Dental Systems acquired by investor group led by Rod Hancock

Engle acquired by Rod Hancock and investor group

Engle acquired by Rod Hancock and investor group


An investor group led by Rod Hancock has acquired all of the
assets and business of Engle Dental Systems Inc. effective
September 30, 2014. The new entity, Engle Dental Systems
LLC, will continue to operate from Forest Grove, Oregon and
will pursue a more aggressive sales & marketing campaign to
build the Engle brand. Mr. Hancock, an experienced executive
in the dental industry stated “We are excited to build upon
Engle Dental’s excellent foundation of people and product and
are committed to building the highest quality products to be
sold at an affordable price through our superb distribution
partners. [For any further information please contact Rod
Hancock @ 480-320-960 or email
rhancock@whittemoregroup.com] or visit Engle Dental Systems website

Keystone acquires Enamelite

Keystone Industries of Cherry Hill NJ fresh off the acquisition of Bosworth has acquired yet another dental company,  Enamelite of Clarksville, TN.  Terms were not disclosed.

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Keystone acquires Enamelite

Danaher to acquire Nobel Biocare

This acquisition puts Danaher’s dental holdings at close to 20 companies.  Danaher currently shows 10 on their website – dental business Danaher ,  however companies such as Dux Dental and Aribex have been roled into other dental business units as brands.  Danaher already owns one implant company, Implants Direct and is now set to acquire one of the leading players in the dental implant market, Nobel Biocare.

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Danaher to acquire Nobel Biocare

Keystone Industries acquires Bosworth

Here is the latest M&A event in the dental world.  Keystone Industries headquartered in Cherry Hill NJ acquires Bosworth, headquartered in Skokie, IL.  Bosworth has been in existence for over 100 years.

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Kerr acquires Dux Dental

Kerr Corporation acquires Dux Dental and Vettec, Inc.

Looks like Danaher has acquired yet another dental company and has made a move into Animal Health with the acquisition of Vettec, Inc.

With the Dux restorative line and infection control line these products will be nice additions.  The restorative products such as Zone Temp Cement will fit nicely into Kerr’s portfolio.  The infection control products such as Bib-Eze , the disposable bib holder will be a nice addition to the Total Care division.

As far as the Vet side of things , we can only speculate that this will not be the last of Danaher’s acquisitions in Animal Health.

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The dental segments that sell at the highest multiples and the M & A Definition of the Month!

While there is no question that dental M & A activity is increasing “across the board”, there are differences in what the selling price (in terms of PPM — price per multiples) can be depending on the segment the dental company is a part of.  In the June 6th Dental Fax Weekly published by The Anaheim Group (subscribe at www.dentalfax.com), the dental segments are currently selling at the highest PPM are software and publishing (approximately 3x on average) while labs are the lowest (0.7).  Manufacturing is a solid 2.2x.

M & A Definition:  “Trailing Twelve Months” (TTM)

TTM is used in the finance world as a measurement of a company’s financial health.  Simply put, it is a calculation of the income for the twelve month period PRIOR to a company report (quarterly or interim).  Why is it needed or used? Analysts sometimes want to determine this figure because a partial or interim report doesn’t represent a full year and depending on when during the year the report comes out, the data contained can depict unrepresentative (or “skewed”) numbers (i.e. higher sales at holiday times).  To clarify a bit more, relevant to the M & A world, TTM is determined to show either the most recent 12 months of a company’s business or the last 12 months before an event like an acquisition.  An example of a formula that is used to determine TTM is:
Most Recent Quarter(s) + Most Recent Year – The Corresponding Quarter(s) 12 Months BEFORE the Most Recent Quarter(s) 


Reality Check- don’t get emotional when selling your business.

If you own a small or medium sized dental company or dental practice you probably have some emotional ties to it.  Your father or a relative started the business or you personally have grown the business. You may be contemplating selling the business and reaping the rewards of all the years and possibly generations of hard work.

One thing to keep in mind is to try and keep your emotions in check as you get ready to sell and through the sale process.

1.       Have realistic expectations about your selling price.  Absolutely try and get top dollar for it. Remember that while brand and legacy do have value chances are it has more value to you than to a potential buyer.  Present a solid business case as to why your family brand and legacy have value.

2.       When it comes to negotiations remember that the business was built to eventually be sold. Sellers can and often do get cold feet during a closing as they second guess if they got the best deal and also what there life will be like after the sale.  Make sure you are prepared for life after you sell.  Maybe you are an employee, maybe it is a clean break, but whatever the case have a clear personal path prior to closing.

If you can take the emotion out of the sale the process will go much more quickly, smoothly and potentially it will turn out more lucratively for you!

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You can read the full press release here: http://www.septodontusa.com/news/septodont-acquire-tdv

SOURCE: Septodont



Hu-Friedy and Electro Medical Systems Form Strategic Alliance

More big news that was announced at the Chicago Mid-Winter Meeting:

Hu-Friedy and Electro Medical Systems From Strategic Alliance

You can read the full press release here:


SOURCE: Hu-Friedy