For sellers, or potential sellers — there are many reasons why you may want to know what your company is “worth”.  Whether you are just starting to think about selling, thinking about bringing in investors or partners, or are just “curious”, we can provide an OBJECTIVE appraisal for you! This valuation is not just based on “numbers” that any accountant can do for you…the CTD valuation is based on what your company can expect (range) to sell for in “today’s dental market” taking into consideration trends and demands (of your product/services) in the industry and what else has recently sold that may be related to your sector. If that’s all you need, that’s fine!  There is NO OBLIGATION to do anything more with us. This valuation is not a “guarantee” your company will sell.


This is an (optional but recommended) 6-12 week project whereby we actively find potential solid matches (buyers or sellers) for you based on YOUR guidelines and criteria, and deliver a comprehensive report to you (saving you a great deal of time and money long term). We generally come back to you with a minimum of three companies. The report gives you information about their history, current focus, and an explanation of why they are a good fit for you. Those companies who engage us to do a TR receive PRIORITY status from us as you are showing your commitment to being active in M & A transactions. Once you review the TR, should any companies listed look intriguing, we will then introduce you to the other companies and serve as an intermediary consultant during the process. There is a fee to do a TR; please contact us to discuss the details.


Regardless of whether you do a TR above (even though it is recommended), we will serve as the intermediary consultants and represent you as far as you need to ensure a deal gets done that is positive for both sides. This can be up to the LOI (Letter of Intent) stage or beyond (into the due diligence phase and up to a formal offer/document is presented). Please note that CTD does not write contracts to finalize any M & A deals as that is left up to the specific advisors (attorneys, CPA’s) for both sides.