Looking to ACQUIRE?

Looking to ACQUIRE a company?  If you are a BUYER, here’s some of what we have….

  1. Well established, small, family owned company based in the Northeast with a unique splinting material based product line.
  2. Midwest based small dental burs company — web based sales
  3. Small, but long established,  implant company based in Canada (Pacific)
  4. Midsize, solid, growing company based in East that is well established and well branded — multiple product lines including infection control.
  5. Small, long established, CA based online supply dealer focused on disposables and infection control
  6. Unique dealer specializing in the DSO/group pratice sector — dozens of current clients
  7. Family run manufacturer with a strong R & D department and multiple products for restorative based dental procedures
  8. West Coast based company around for decades which formulates many products in the restorative and preventive areas — private labels for many of the large manufacturers
  9. Supply inventory software product — unique and ideal for a dealer/distributor that wants to provide a value added service to current and future accounts
  10. Many dental practices across the US looking to affiliate with dental service organizations (DSOs).