Connect the Dents is an M & A (Mergers & Acquisitions) focused company made up of a team of dental business professionals led by Dr. Anthony Stefanou, with  a combined 100+ years of experience in the industry who are:

  • Well networked and connected at the executive level with 400+ dental companies on a global basis
  • Well informed on everything that is happening “up to the minute” within the industry
  • Able to provide a number of services to any of the following categories of companies: manufacturers, dealers/distributors, organizations, associations, publishers, DSO’s/groups, and individual practices


FOR DENTAL COMPANIES (manufacturers, dealers, organizations) 

  • SELLERS (or potential sellers) — the following is a partial list of services:
    • Valuate your company
    • Prepare your company to sell (if considering doing so in the near future)
      • Before you go “on the market”, it is very important to have your overall strategy in place PLUS getting the documents in order that will be necessary during the acquisition process (financials, product reports, organizational charts, etc.). Our experience has shown that not being “ready” can slow down the process for months, but is also the MAIN reason many deals fall apart.  We know what is needed and can work with you 3-12 months in advance so that you are well positioned to maximizing your company’s value and getting a deal done.  
    • Provide a “target” research report (8-12 week project identifying potential qualified buyers)
    • Represent you throughout the acquisition process (identifying acquirers, introductions, negotiations, etc.) to ensure an efficient process that results in a successful transaction.


    • Assist you in initially determining the best type (size, product line) of companies to acquire based on current industry position, future trends) .
    • Provide a “target” research report (8-12 week project identifying potential acquisition candidates who are “about ready to sell” and fit your specific criteria
    • Represent you throughout the process (identification of acquisition candidates, introduction, negotiations) so that you pay a fair and competitive price and also to ensure an efficient process resulting in a successful transaction.

NOTE:  We have a current list of a number of BUYERS & SELLERS “ready to go”

  • “INTERMEDIARY” SERVICES — in certain scenarios/circumstances (an example would be a BUYER and SELLER already “know one another”), CTD can be the “intermediary” to work with both sides to move the process along and ensure that the deal is fair and beneficial to each company.



  • DSO’s/groups — start ups, emerging, mid-level, well established
    • Assist in finding practice (individual or other groups) affiliations
      • We can help you VALUATE practice opportunities
    • Recruiting
      • Finding qualified individuals to fill management/leadership positions (CDO, COO, CEO, CFO, CIO, etc)
      • Finding dentists, hygienists, and office managers for your affiliations
    • Helping you find funding / investors (through PE or other sources)
    • Assisting you in determining which manufacturers, dealers, and/or services to use for your company/affiliate practices


    • Valuate/appraise your practice — objective fair market value
    • Determine whether it is time to sell and what your options are
    • Introduce you to a DSO/group (if it is determined that’s the best route) that is best for your practice

If any of the above services is of interest to you or you have a question,  CONTACT US for a confidential, no obligation phone or face-to-face consultation/meeting.

Check out Dr. Anthony Stefanou’s article on mergers and acquisitions that was featured in a past issue First Impressions magazine. Dr. Stefanou covers why more and more deals are happening and why that’s necessary, and GOOD, for the industry! Click on the cover below to read the article.


There are THREE FACTORS that set us “apart” in the industry:

  1. We are dental people, and focus our efforts entirely on this great industry! CTD’s Founder and President, Dr. Tony Stefanou, is a dentist with almost 30 years of clinical and business experience. He offers the “extra sense” of being able to better “match” up companies based on how they fit within the buyers/sellers current product/services
  2. We offer a structured, formal approach to M & A (not just “we’ll get back to you if something comes about”). We set up everything that is needed up front to ensure an efficient process so there are no surprises. Our strategy is to be proactive, not passive!  We do not match up and disappear. We become an active, integral part of the process as an intermediary so that there is the best possible chance a deal can be successfully completed.
  3. We attend EVERY major (and many smaller, regional, and/or specialized) trade shows to meet face to face with potential buyers and sellers.